- Street Food Club -

We’re looking for like-minded, street food enthusiasts to be a part of the ‘Street Food Club’ – an exclusive club of individuals who meet the following requirements. Check if you belong here:

1. You have participated in golgappa/puchka/pani-puri-eating competitions (a la Rab ne Bana Di Jodi) at your favourite golgappa corner.

2. The count of lunches / dinners skipped and blamed on street food is in 3 digits.

3. You’re known to stuff your face with the street food you love, long after you should have stopped eating.

Club members will have the opportunity to share their street food escapades (thereby legitimizing every lunch/dinner skipped) with a brief description, menu and food images, and a location plot. Depending on interest at both ends, we could follow that up with Street Food Walks which the Club members lead, introducing other enthusiasts to their chosen street food trails.
Interested? We’re waiting to hear from you.

Write in to us at hello@talkingstreet.in telling us why you would like to be part of the Street Food Club at Talking Street and which part of the city you would like to cover.

(P.S. Ability to handle a camera is a necessary condition. Images are a key component of each Talking Street post.)

Here are some of our Street Food Club members.

Naveen Suresh
A popular food blogger who writes passionately about all sorts of food and food joints – from the on-the-street vendors to fine dine restaurants, Naveen is a well known name in the foodie circuits of Bangalore. He is a keen photographer and an explorer who likes to sample and review food across cuisines, locations, outlet-types. Naveen is from Sidlaghatta town, 50 miles from Bangalore, but has been residing in Bangalore for the last 10 years. He holds a B.Sc. in Electronics from National College in Basavanagudi, Bangalore, and is currently working as a Problem Manager at CGI. Prior to this Naveen was working at McAfee as an IT Support Engineer. He blogs at Naveen Suresh and Culinary Journey By Naveen.
Noor Malik
Noor is interested in a lot of things and never knows exactly what she wants to do. Right now, her deep interest in Psychology is the only thing that compels her to go to college. Apart from this, she is into photography as a hobby, loves food and travelling. She wants to understand people’s behavior in society and feels that exploring streets and sampling food seems to have coupled her interests and helped her build very valuable experiences.
Shiva Hatti
Shiva Hatti, is a hardcore street food fanatic who loves exploring the lesser known small eateries and street food joints of Bangalore. He is someone who expresses his love for food by writing about them. For him street food is that fuel which is needed to get through the day! Shiva, is also a lawyer who graduated from University Law College, Bangalore and has done his schooling from St. Joseph’s Boys High School, Bangalore. He founded a group called Best of Bangalore on Facebook and regularly blogs on it. Apart from blogging, his interests lie in cooking and reading non fiction kind of books.
Rupam Gogoi
Rupam is a genuine foodie with a love for all things good & food, an amateur musician and a passionate writer. Believes in the happiness of being and works consistently towards imbibing this in the product he makes/works on. Non-believer in the concept of creating uselessly feature driven apps. Currently he manages the product & growth functions for Talking Street & is also building a travel product called Loaferr.
Do write to us if you think you qualify and would like to be part of the Street Food Club @ Talking Street.