- The Team -
Talking Street is a gastronomical labour of love, built by many contributing artists.
Maheima Kapur
Maheima is the founder of Talking Street and the key contributor for Bangalore. She can be spotted sampling street fare on different streets, attempting to get some interesting nuggets out of the vendors and clicking away at everything that comes her way.Maheima is a Physics graduate from Sri Satya Sai University and an MBA from IIM Bangalore. She has 9+years of work experience in marketing and related disciplines across organizations such as Unilever, Tata Global Beverages and Britannia.
Naganand Doraswamy
Naganand Doraswamy has over 25 years of experience in the industry and the president of TiE Bangalore. He is a successful entrepreneur with extensive experience in management and technology. As co-founder and EVP of SPAN, Naganand actively leads engineering in R&D apart from providing strategic growth inputs across the business streams. Prior to SPAN, Naganand has had several successful stints across startups and established organizations in the USA. He has been awarded 8 patents and 2 patents are pending in the area of networking and security. Naganand has a Masters in Computer Science from Virginia Polytechnic and State University. He got his Bachelors in Computer Science from U.V.C.E, Bangalore, India. He is married with two kids. He loves playing tennis and occasional golfing, and enjoys reading fiction.
Siddarth Mathur
Technical Advisor
Siddharth Mathur has a weakness for Rajasthani-style pyaaz kachori, and a sweet tooth that appreciates a warm plateful of jalebi with rabdi. He is a technology advisor to Talking Street. He is the founder of Fastah, a startup with the mission to make the mobile internet more fun and more enjoyable. Prior to starting up, Siddharth created smartphone software at Nokia and Nellymoser. He obtained his Engineering degrees from the University of Arizona and the University of Delhi.
Shadan Syed
Social Media Lead
A Mass Communications professional, Shadan has over 10 years of corporate experience in Social Media & Content Management. She enjoys exploring online strategies as much as she enjoys dancing. Her creative eye for detail and online engagement practices are custom-crafted for Talking Street. With various creative campaigns constantly up her sleeve, she connects with users intuitively to form lasting relationships that begin online.
Contributing Foodies
Rupam Gogoi
Rupam is an alumnus of Anna University Chennai & SRM University Chennai with an engineering degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering followed by a MBA in Human Resources. He has been associated with the evolving Indian startup scenario for a while now. He started by working on growth & building the core team for a product comparison engine. In his last stint he co-founded and managed a product solutioning services company. His primary work areas across these stints have been managing & architecting products, sales & marketing, setting up teams & operations. He is a genuine foodie with a love for all things good, an amateur musician and a passionate writer. Believes in the happiness of being and works consistently towards imbibing this in the product he makes/works on. Non-believer in the concept of creating uselessly feature driven apps. He currently manages the product & growth functions for Talking Street & is also building a travel product called Loaferr.
Sonia Singh
Sonia is a freelance WordPress developer and has several years of experience in developing and customizing WordPress themes. She is also a blogger and attempted a startup (an online mothers’ community blog) before falling in love with WordPress development. She likes to experiment with cooking and coming up with her own recipes, and is fond of Italian cuisine. She loves designing furniture too.
Palash Chatterjee
Palash is a web application developer by profession, information security enthusiast by passion and foodie at heart. He loves to travel and is always game to try out new cuisines. He likes to work with modern technology. Python is his go-to language to get things done. His entire profile can be viewed at https://pecey.github.io/.
Noor Malik
Noor is interested in a lot of things and never knows exactly what she wants to do. Right now, her deep interest in Psychology is the only thing that compels her to go to college. Apart from this, she is into photography as a hobby, loves food and travelling. She wants to understand people’s behavior in society and feels that exploring streets and sampling food seems to have coupled her interests and helped her build very valuable experiences.
Bramhi Panamalai
An aspiring street photojournalist by passion and a science, art and travel enthusiast by nature, Bramhi finds herself intrigued by almost everything that makes up the universe. When not walking around on the streets and photographing every second thing that she sees, she likes reading, cooking, and writing sometimes.
Akshaye Shenoi
Always in the quest of knowing how things work, Akshaye is perpetually curious about the whys of the universe. A web developer by passion, he enjoys working on back-end systems and is comfortable building full stack applications. As a hobby, he loves to make life simpler by writing scripts to automate things and keep life organized. Being a deep thinker, world affairs, political-science, history and philosophy interest him. His work can be found here - https://github.com/akshayeshenoi
Varsha C Murali
A fun-loving person who is fascinated by the simplest of things, Varsha likes interacting with different people and hearing their stories. Always ready to try her hand at anything new which comes her way, she enjoys a wide variety of activities. From adventure sports to photography to cooking to exploring new localities, she keenly follows her interests. Travel is a huge passion and Varsha is keen to explore more on that front soon.