- Hygiene -

Understandably, hygiene is a big concern while deciding to eat local. And it should be. That’s why, we at Talking Street take it very seriously.

Let us start by telling you that Talking Street is a curated set of street food outlets. What that means is that every local eatery or food vendor does not get listed on Talking Street.

The first thing we check before deciding to feature a particular eatery, is whether it meets our internal hygiene requirements. Only outlets that have basic hygiene practices in place get featured. There are others that come hugely recommended by a large number of foodies. Those make it to the list but only after they are crowd-verified, i.e., a large number of foodies certify that the eatery is good and worth including.

Once we are convinced about the hygiene, popularity is the next big criteria. We pick the most popular eateries because we believe that popularity is an indicator of freshness, apart from taste. That is, the more an outlet sells, the higher are the chances that its ingredients and food is perfectly fresh. Popularity also cues consistency in delivering great tasting food.

Eateries and vendors who meet these criteria are featured on Talking Street’s pages.

There is magic to eating local and experiencing the culture of a city first-hand through it’s food. This experience cannot be rivaled by any fine-dine restaurant. There are some simple rules to keep in mind while embarking on a street food eating spree. We have put them together in this article – 5 simple rules for eating local. Keep these in mind and chances are you will have exciting stories to narrate at the end of your local food adventures.