- About Us -

Streets are the lifeline of a city – like veins running across leaves, they criss-cross a city giving it shape and character. The life and stories on its streets are a password to the character of a city … its essence, culture, history, architecture, food and its issues. The best way to get to know a city is to walk around its lanes and by-lanes and explore its streets. Talking Street is an attempt to capture the life and times of the streets of cities across the world, starting with India.

Local food, especially street food and popular local eateries are perhaps the best gastronomical introduction to a city – its ingredients, flavours and spices are the easiest way to get under the skin or umm … into the stomach of a city. However, discovering the best local places to eat in a city is best done with a foodie friend who knows the small nooks and joints that serve exceptionally good food. That is the inspiration behind Talking Street. To be that local foodie friend who helps travelers find the best of local and street food, the joints where food and conversation flow and the cultural nuances of the city come the fore.

Each city has its own list of super-local, difficult-to-resist food to boast about. From the most scrumptious vada paos in Mumbai to the roadside chat in Delhi, thin-crisp-butter-laden dosas in Bangalore, melt-in-your-mouth puchkas in Kolkata, ice-cream sandwiches in Singapore … the list is obviously (and fortunately) endless and all you need to know is what to eat where. Talking Street takes the help of foodies across cities to list the most authentic dishes and popular local joints, often stringing them together into insightful food trails to follow.

The joints we cover include the hole-in-the-wall local eateries that are difficult to spot, famous street food vendors and small, cozy cafes that serve as a perfect meeting spot for adda sessions, quick bites, refreshing chai, addictive coffee and superb snack food.

The best local eateries in each city is what Talking Street will talk to you about, peppered with posts about the vendors, stall-owners, peddlers and pavement dwellers. Happy listening!

P.S. Here’s a perfect introduction to us, courtesy Village Talkies.